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Xerox CWAA0648 New Premium Compatible Drum Unit - 12,000 Pages

Brand:Fuji Xerox

Product Code:BDR2025

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OEM Price: $150.00

Price: $29.79

Ex Tax: $27.08

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Xerox CWAA0648 New Premium Compatible Drum Unit - 12,000 Pages

Xerox CWAA0648 New Premium Compatible Drum Unit - 12,000 Pages

Additional Information

Model Number
Make of Printer Xerox
Printer Series DOCUPRINT
OEM Code CWAA0648


1 x Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 203A 204A Imaging Drum Unit CWAA0648 is compatible with:

Xerox DocuPrint 203A Xerox DocuPrint 204A


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Q.Are all makes of compatible cartridges the same?
A.No, not all compatible cartridges perform to the exact same standards and quality does vary considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer. PashInk.com.au only provide the highest quality premium products with the best performance.

Q.But your printer cartridges are not the cheapest we have looked at.
A. While that may be true you have to remember you get what you pay for. We have very competitive prices. Re-manufacturing with strict quality control and after sales service support cost a little more. Unfortunately in our industry cartridges can be 'refilled' cheaply. The cost cutting has a direct reflection on the fault rate and print quality.

Q.Will the quality of print be equivalent to that of the original?
A.Yes, because at PashInk.com.au we only sell the highest quality product, which has had extensive testing by our staff. We can be certain that the results will be at least equivalent to that of the original. We aim to match or better original page yields and print density.

Q.Will the print life be equal to that of the original?
A.Absolutely, all cartridges sold by PashInk.com.au will equal or or better the the print life of the OEM cartridge. 

Q.Will using a compatible cartridge void my manufacturers warranty?
A.No, the original equipment manufacturer cannot void your warranty simply for using compatible cartridges. In fact, there are laws preventing manufacturers from doing just that. Manufacturers can however refuse to repair a printer under warranty if it is proved that a compatible cartridge has caused damage to the printer. Our guarantee!

Q.What is your guarantee!
A.We guarantee that our products will not damage or cause premature failure to your printer. If as a direct result of using our compatible printer cartridges damage occurs to your printer we guarantee to either repair or replace the printer absolutely free of charge!